Bliss Nail & Spa Parties + Events

From corporate holiday parties of 20+, a well-deserved Mom’s night out, taking care of a bride-to-be before her special day, to pampering your birthday princess and her friends, our technicians will guide you to your private getaway in Elmhurst, IL!

Monday - Wednesday Special Combo Manicure/Pedicure: $35
Monday - Wednesday Special Combo No Chip Mani/Regular Pedi: $60
Thursday - Saturday Regular Manicure/Pedicure: $40
Thursday - Saturday No Chip Mani/Regular Pedi: $65

20% Gratuity will be automatically added to all services. Check here for more pricing.

There is a $50 deposit to reserve your space for 6 or more people on any day of the week. The deposit goes toward services Monday-Saturday within spa hours. This is non refundable three days before the event.

Choosing a Date:
Parties of six or more within business hours are of no charge aside from the deposit to reserve. Your reservation is our priority, and appointments will be scheduled around your reserved time (contingent upon number of services). Walk-ins are welcomed after your party is finished with their services. Private parties after hours or on Sunday are an additional $100 fee. Please call in or visit Bliss to reserve your date and time at least two weeks in advance. Reserving too close to your date will result in less availability for your party due to Bliss’ loyal clientele.

Decor and Treats:
You are welcome to come to the spa thirty minutes to an hour before the event to decorate, bring treats (soda, beverages, pizza, tacos, cupcakes, cookies) and crafts for the party. We also provide water, complimentary sodas, and Keurig coffee. Please visit and like Bliss Nail and Spa - Elmhurst on Facebook if you’d like to see pictures of past parties.

We also offer a free mani/pedi for the person of choice (usually the bride or birthday person) for their next visit to Bliss. For any other questions or concerns, let us know!

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Monday - Friday: 9am to 7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am to 6pm  (starting September 20th, 2020)